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About the Department

The Post Graduate Department of Social Work from the very day of its inception in the year 1989 has been striving to achieve excellence in the field of Social Work and Human Resource Management. The department is geared towards providing a value added, market driven course in Social Work Education with Human Resource Management as Specialization.

The department aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice by equipping the students to meet the future demands. The department moulds the students into determined, self-confident and optimistic individuals equipped to face the challenges in the professional as well as the personal spheres of life. Special emphasis is paid to developing the right Attitude, Skill and Knowledge in the students, which has made the department a much sought after destination for Recruiters. The department focuses on promoting human values such as honesty and altruism in the students in order that they uphold human rights and social justice as ambassadors of the department.



The Objectives of the Department are:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding, analysis, and evaluation of human experiences and societies in the past and in the contemporary world;
  • To understand, analyze, and evaluate individuals and families of varied cultural and social contexts;
  • To mould the students into social work practitioners who can apply knowledge, values, skills, and ethics in the prevention and intervention of social problems impacting individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in a variety of cultural contexts;
  • To create HR Practitioners with Social Work values and ethics.



  • To create social work and managerial skills, both at the conceptual and the practical level, leading to improved decision making abilities and managerial competence while developing the overall personality of the students



  • To transform young minds into competent professionals with social and managerial acumen who would uphold humane and ethical values directed towards human rights and social justice


Best Practices of the Department

  • The students are provided with the opportunity to undergo six Internships which is a unique feature of the Department.

  • The students are prepared for the Placement Process through Guest Lectures, Alumni Mentoring and are given hands on experience in the preparation of Placement Brochure. Exclusive Placement related training is imparted which includes Resume Preparation, cracking Aptitude Tests, Facing Interviews, Grooming etc.

  • Faculty and Student Membership in professional Bodies (MMA, NHRD) and participation of students the periodic meetings of these bodies under the guidance of a faculty coordinator builds a professional network for the students required for the entry into the corporate world.

  • With the objective of promotion of Youth Mental Health, the Department of Social Work has entered into an MOU with SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation, Chennai). Through this, a counselor has been made available at regular intervals (with availability on call during the pandemic period) for the entire college. The stress level of the students was assessed through a questionnaire and based on the results, stress management programmes were conducted for teachers and students.

  • Social Work Association for Students’ Transformation and Innovation – SWASTI works with the objective of equipping the students to understand, reach out and create awareness on issues of contemporary social relevance. The entire forum is run by the student office bearers under the guidance of a faculty coordinator. Students are encouraged to develop innovative ways to reach out to the community, study them and come with a suitable action plan to help the targeted beneficiary.


Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff

A.S. Manasa

Office Assistant

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate
  • M.S.W. - Master of Social Work


M.S.W Download


Time Table

Time Table Download

I MSW - Induction Programme on Interpersonal Skills held on 4th October 2021


I MSW – Observation Visit to Don Bosco Social Welfare Centre on 7th October 2021


II MSW – Orientation on CSR Internship held on 30th November 2021


I MSW, NCC & NSS Students – Session on Army as an Organization held on 16th December 2021


II MSW – Workshop on Research Methodology held from 23rd February 2022 to 25th February 2022


I MSW - Workshop on Street Play held on 24th February 2022 & 25th February 2022


II MSW – Orientation on Service Sector Internship held on 26th February 2022


I MSW – Aptitude Training for Campus Placement held on 11th March 2022


Inauguration of Social Work Association of Staff & Students for Student Transformation and Innovation (SWASTI) held on 17th March 2021


What’s Your BMI? – Body Mass Index Screening Camp for Staff and Students of DDGDVC held on 22nd March 2022


I MSW – Outbound/ Leadership Training Programme held at Pegasus HRD Centre, Vilupuram on 29th March 2022 & 30th March 2022


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Department of Social Work and Value Foundation Academy, Chennai on 31st March 2022














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