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Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness


Excellence in Entrepreneurship

The college has a rich tradition and culture of inculcating in the young minds a strong sense of self-reliance and resourcefulness. The institution, true to its vision, imparts not just skill-sets but also ensures holistic development and grooms the students to be self-confident and independent. It has also instilled in them an undying quest for knowledge and a penchant to create new and innovative ideas. This has enabled them to groom themselves into successful entrepreneurs. Adequate training is given to help students develop entrepreneurial traits such as leadership, perseverance, creativity, passion, values and ethics. Over the years, the institution has moulded generations of graduates, given shape to their aspirations and have created numerous entrepreneurs who in turn have become job providers. In the past five years, of the 12,177 students who graduated, 2,240 have become successful entrepreneurs. The year 2019-2020 saw an impressive 32.35% of the graduates emerge as entrepreneurs. Despite the pandemic 31.31% of the outgoing students have ventured into businesses of their own.


The introduction of new programmes in the past decade has widened the scope of possibilities of venturing into businesses in tune with the emerging trends. The programmes and courses offered by the institution such as marketing, business administration, finance and entrepreneurship development have provided the necessary impetus to the students to take up new initiatives and set up their own businesses. Students belonging to the disciplines of commerce and allied subjects, have as part of their curriculum, case-studies, project work and compulsory internships which have enabled them gain exposure and learn through hands-on training the various aspects of running a business right from ideation to manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, IT, advertising and public relations. The postgraduate programmes go a step further in educating the students through their collaborations with industry, equipping them with the knowhow in establishing businesses and consultancy services. These programmes motivate students to go beyond economic concerns and to be service oriented.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The prime objective of the ED Cell of the college is to identify, encourage and motivate students to become job providers rather than job seekers. The latent talents possessed by a segment of the student community is honed and fine-tuned by the initiatives taken by the ED Cell. The ED Cell has an impressive number of student enrolment and participation as students are given ample exposure to the world of business. The various programmes organised by the ED Cell aims at grooming the students to set up micro and small business enterprises. The ED Cell invites successful entrepreneurs to deliver talks to students in order to inspire and educate them.

The flagship event organised by the ED Cell is the annual Vaishnav Bazaar, an entrepreneurship venture meant for students. They are given a platform to explore and exhibit their abilities as entrepreneurs. The students are given a free hand to try their business acumen by setting up stalls to sell an array of products ranging from food to accessories, clothing, electronic goods and many more. Students learn the nuances of planning, budgeting, forecasting, marketing, logistics and customer service which have given them the exposure to explore possibilities of entrepreneurship in their future.  The success of the event has been phenomenal, and a sizeable income generated over the three editions of the bazaar. In the year 2018-19, Rs.1,84,358 was generated, out of which Rs. 1,00,000 was donated to the NGO, Friends of Tribal Society. In 2019-20, Rs.6,24,032 was the amount generated

The self-reliance and the enterprising skills that the students develop through entrepreneurship, aligns with the national objectives of Athmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India. The entrepreneurship initiatives give students economic independence and sense of pride to not only sustain oneself but also provide job opportunities to others. Entrepreneurship also lends itself to community building by job creation and income generation. Research & development and innovations are the outcomes of entrepreneurship ventures and the institution rightly guides the students towards these goals. As entrepreneurs, the former students of the college contribute immensely to the economy of the country, providing job opportunities and livelihoods to many.

Notable alumni of the college who are successful entrepreneurs:

  • Dinesh Kumar – SRV Oil Mill
  • Joshua Madan – Covenant Group
  • P. Dinesh – Roda Notes
  • Dhanush – Studio M
  • Sanjay Goel – Goel Steel
  • K.N. Karthikeyan – Kay Media
  • Sreyans Bardia – BOT VFX
  • Yameen S – Bluemount Premium Tea
  • Akaash Anandhkumar – OKOS Consultancy
  • N. Pritesh - Ambalal Electronics
  • Siddharth Surana - Infinite Creations
  • Akash Surana – Parampra
  • Pradeep – Bhikshu Marble and Granite
  • Nirmal – Sree Karni Plywoods
  • Arihant Bohara – Sridevi Motors

An analysis of the past five years reveals that the number of students who have chosen to become entrepreneurs have steadily risen. This is reflective of the institution’s focus on grooming students to become confident and successful entrepreneurs. The institution places significant importance on this aspect as it is in tune with the vision of the college, which is to nurture self-confidence, ensure holistic development and broaden their vision towards nation-building.

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