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Jai Sri Krishna 


Hostel is the Second Home for any student. Seth Purushotham Doss Gocoola Doss (SPDGD)  Hostel is located on the beautiful campus of D G Vaishnav college at Gokul Bagh. The quality of life is one of the most important criteria measured by the parents when they decide to send their children to stay in the College hostels. By quality, it is the overall upbringing of the student by the Institution. At SPDGD Hostel we provide a choice in selecting the type of rooms in a hostel to suit every budget, with an aim of providing a pleasant stay and the best possible learning environment. Life on campus helps the students not only to study but also to socialize with others to groom and nurture. The students staying at SPDGD hostels are provided with healthy and opulent food at highly subsidized rates.

Friendships formed on the campus last lifetime and moreover, it’s a memory. The stay at our Hostel provides an excellent opportunity to learn as well as to cultivate qualities such as Self Discipline, Comradeship, Leadership, Sportsmanship, and social responsibility, etc.SPDGD Hostel provides a comfortable and safe boarding to all its students. The students housed in the Hostels are encouraged to use the gymnasium, playground, Basketball court, Volleyball court, Badminton court, Tennis court, and all indoor gaming facilities.

SPDGD Hostel has a Hostel Council which is an advisory body comprising the Warden of the Hostel as its Chairman, the Deputy and Assistant Deputy Warden, and the elected student secretaries as its members. The Hostel Council plans the students' activities for the year, prepares the budget for sports, recreational, and other social activities of the students through the respective student secretaries, and is responsible for the running of individual messes with the help of the mess committee. The Marshall and Assistant Marshall assist the hostel authorities for effective administration. The hostel is administered by the Principal  &Warden and he/she is assisted by Deputy and Assistant Deputy Warden in all matters relating to the hostel.

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