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Students With Special Needs

Students With Special Needs


To promote inclusivity by integrating students with disabilities into the mainstream with the focus on the central transformative process of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, “leaving no one behind”.

Exemptions for students with special needs from the University of Madras

  • The University of Madras exempts students with learning/cognitive disabilities from studying Part I - Second language.
  • However, no exemption is granted for compulsory Basic Tamil.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors to be overruled.
  • Use of calculators is permitted.
  • Additional time granted during examinations

Documents required to apply for Exemption Certificate from the University of Madras

  • Requisition letter from the student/parent/guardian duly signed by the Principal
  • 10th & 12th mark statements
  • Certificate issued by the Tamil Nadu Regional Medical Board (requires periodical renewal)
  • Documents have to be submitted within one month after the student enrolls in a program.

 Paper Work

Exemption Certificates are forwarded to the University of Madras by the Examinations Office and tracked.   Procuring medical certificate from the Tamilnadu Regional Board and the submission of documents to the University of Madras is tedious and time-consuming.   The Examinations office intervenes wherever necessary for the paper work. (Exemption code changed by University of Madras from numerical to EX series, from 2019 batches onwards). The alternative document is issued by the Examinations Office if there is a delay from the University of Madras.

 Curriculum Modification

Resolution passed during the 11th Academic Council meeting, March 2019, to adopt strategic learning/testing patterns for compulsory Basic Tamil for students with learning/cognitive disabilities since exemption has not been granted by the University of Madras for the same.

Examination-Related support

  • Competent scribes are arranged by the Examinations office.
  • Seating is allocated only on the ground floor.

Information Dissemination

  • List of inclusive students is sent to the respective departments.
  • Appropriate terminology is employed in the communication/circulars relating to inclusive students. For students with learning disabilities, particularly dyslexic students, the Examinations Office communicates with the English Department in particular, to adopt different parameters for evaluation during any Internal testing.
  • Staff of Examinations Office have been sensitized to the needs of these students

Procedure for Exemption Certificate - Click Here to Download 

For Enquiry(ies) 

Students/Parents/Faculty members seeking information on these procedures may please  contact: Counter 7, Ground floor, Administrative building. The Office of the Controller of Examinations can be reached at

Neurodiverse learners, students facing mental health challenges, anxiety, etc, may also write to us for deadline extensions, and other considerations.

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