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Vaishnav Initiative for Excellence





Vaishnav Initiative for Excellence had its beginning in the landmark year of the college, its golden jubilee. The prime objective of the club is to instill in the young minds the spirit of inquiry and self-discovery, an undying quest for excellence, the zest to compete and the grit to persevere. A group comprising of members of the faculty and students, the VIE organizes programmes that are aimed at providing a platform for the youth to unleash their creative capabilities and promote values that could shape a better world. The student members are involved in ideation, planning, budgeting, organising and executing process of conducting an event through which they develop a sense of togetherness, team spirit and camaraderie. Every event organised by the committee has distinctly strived to inculcate the qualities of integrity, propriety and tolerance among students. V-Fest, the annual freshers meet, Artistics, the annual interdepartmental cultural, Women’s Day and gender sensitization programmes are some of the events organised every year by VIE.


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