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Department of Psychology – Self-Financing


About the Department

The Department of Psychology at DG Vaishnav College was established in the year 2015, in order to cater to the current demand for Psychology graduates, where extensive concern is felt for psychological health. The department has introduced various innovative, healthy and unique practices in the academic curriculum, to expose our students to the latest market demand. The Psychology Laboratory contains various psychological apparatuses like Muller Lyer Illusion apparatus, Senguin Form Board, Tachistoscope, Concept Formation Board, Size-Weight Illusion Box, Trial and Learning Apparatus, Maze Learning Apparatus, Air Puff apparatus, Steadiness Tester, Two hand coordinator and Division of Attention apparatus. In order to learn more about case history taking in psychology, the final year students are given a paper titled “Case Analysis” – as a part of experimental psychology wherein the students are exposed to realtime case history collection and diagnosis of psychological problem.


  • To enable our students to understand the significance and advantages of Psychology.
  • To equip our students with significant psychological and counseling skills.
  • To impart knowledge of various psychological theories and identification to apply theories in real life situations.
  • To motivate them to become great psychologists in future and to create innovative psychological theories.
  • To identify and appreciate student’s individuality and guide him to bring out the best.
  • To improve student’s performance in academics, as also to maximize his participation in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To make them aware of plethora of opportunities in higher education pertaining to psychology and empower them to make a wise choice thereof.
  • To help them choose their career and/or higher education from among various options of Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Organizational/Industrial Psychology, Forensic Psychology etc. to name a few.
  • To facilitate students with outcome based education, where honing their skills in general knowledge, problem solving, decision-making and aptitude are emphasized rather than rote learning.


To inculcate self-discipline and induce self-learning among students, which guarantee them success in their professional life.


To impart education, which should address the growing concern on psychological wellbeing of individuals globally.


The Department of Psychology at DGVC trains the young minds at the undergraduate level to equip themselves with the right level of attitude, skill and knowledge to become successful in the following professions,

  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Special Educators for Childhood Disorders
  • Rehabilitation Physiologist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Counsellors in Schools, Colleges and family Courts
  • Specialists in Human Relations at various organizations, institutions and industries
  • Research and Project assistants in DRDO
  • Eminent Professors


Ms. R. Aswini, B.S.W., M.Sc., NET, SET

Head-In-charge & Assistant Professor

Mr. P. K. Varshith, M.Sc., NET

Assistant Professor


Courses offered by the Department

Under Graduate
  • B.Sc. Psychology


U.G Degree

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B.Sc. Psychology NME Download


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Timetable for All Courses



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