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Automation in the Office of the COE

Automation in the Office of the COE

Since the inception of autonomy in 2009, the Examinations Office has integrated technology into its everyday functioning. From 2012 till date, the office has worked in collaboration with Easy Educational Automation Software Ltd., for supporting the COE office software with various services related to examination and valuation. Modifications and upgradations have been made through the last five years.

Creating an ID: Formats are created by the software agency for feeding the student data when they enroll in the institutional programs. Students’ name, date of birth, gender, contact information, photograph can be entered/uploaded in the format.  Formats are created by the agency for entering the list of subjects/courses prescribed for each semester. Register number is created automatically for freshers.

Hall tickets: based on the number of courses the student has to appear for in a particular semester are generated. The Arrear subjects in previous semesters are brought forward by clicking on ‘update’. Students with lack of attendance are automatically removed from the hall ticket list and withheld from appearing for the examination.

Information Dissemination via SMS : The Examinations office communicates periodically with students regarding all important matters via SMS.

 Examination seating: Data regarding student strength day-wise and session-wise is transferred to the software agency, courses are marked under A and B categories for shuffling candidates. ‘Course group marking’ command will automatically divide courses into A and B. ‘Room status definition’ command will allocate rooms block-wise. ‘Automatic room allocation,’ command on the software will automatically allocate students the room-seating for the examinations. Once the seating is finalized, an automatic message is forwarded to each candidate on a daily basis regarding   their room/seat allocation.  Candidates who are withheld from appearing from the examinations will not receive the message regarding seating arrangement.

Online payment of fees: Examination, Revaluation, Instant Examination & Photocopying fees are collected online through the payment gateway programmed by the software agency.  Server is kept intact by the agency while the examination fee portal is open and activated for students to pay their fees. Daily summary of fees collection and overall report of the students who paid and did not pay the fees can be extracted. In 2019, multiple bank credit payment gateway kit with single URL latest technology on secured HTTPS server and automatic offline updation of pending payments was made possible. From May 2020, during the lockdown, online transfer of funds was initiated for procuring Transcripts, Consolidated Mark Statement and Duplicate Mark sheets.

Web hosting of marks:  Format to enter CIA internal marks via the software.  During double valuation, the marks awarded both by the External and Internal are entered into the formatted page and both marks are merged. The software generates the list of cases where there is a discrepancy of 15 marks and above in the marks awarded by both the External and Internal, Third valuation is conducted based on this list. The end semester examination is set for 100 marks but is automatically converted to 60 marks, according to the prescribed split up of marks in our institution which is Externals 60 and Internals 40.  Automatic merging of CIA/ESE marks is done through software.

Moderation report is automatically generated.  Results passing board comprising Board Chairperson, External and Internal faculty members is convened to officially declare the results and to decide on the award of moderation and grace marks to borderline cases. Results were declared only after the Chairperson of the respective boards signed the Minutes and after a final round of manual checking  after Moderation marks and grace marks for CIA were automatically fed into the software. Final reports of results are forwarded to the agency for web hosting and display of results on the college website.

CGPA, Credits, Grade, Classification and Letter Grade are automatically generated for each candidate along with the consolidated marks (Internal & External) secured during a particular semester. Reports are sent to the software agency for web display.  Single valuation was implemented for the candidates admitted from 2018 onwards. Hence, change of entire logic of software, two sets of software and two databases were created by vendor. The software for double valuation was programmed to process Internal & External marks and the third valuation.

Web display of results: Candidates are able to view their current semester marks as well as their cumulative statement of marks.

Results analysis: Summaries of Department pass percentage, overall percentage, list of arrear candidates, subject-wise percentage can be extracted from the software. Results gally is generated through the software and emailed to all the departments.

Online document verification: Verification of documents by recruiting companies/organizations have been outsourced to Docs Wallet. Link for e verification available on the college website.

Other services by external software agency: Updation of data from college to the web Server 1 and web Server 2.  Upto 2018, there was integration of QR code with high end security software colour code printing for semester mark sheet and consolidated statement of marks.

Online transfer of Provisional Pass Register (PPR) to the University of Madras: The data of outgoing candidates who passed the final examination is transferred to the web portal of the affiliating University for issue of Provisional and Degree Certificate.  In case of delay in issuance of Provisional certificates, Course Completion certificate is issued with the CGPA/Class/Grade  calculated by the software, as an alternative.

Online Examinations, April 2020 and November 2020:  Both these term end semester examinations were conducted online in September and December during the global pandemic situation and protracted lockdown. September examinations were conducted with the third party vendor, Shikshayati and December/February examinations were conducted in instalments through the service platform provided  by Abacus Logistics Solutions. The entire examination process right from the mock test. sending text messages to candidates, uploading question papers, driving the uploaded answer scripts in digital form for   evaluation by faculty was done through the platforms provided by the two vendors.

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